ala archa national park

if you want to hike the central asian mountains and
you only have one day -ala archa hike is your destination.

the landscape is beautiful and the mountain range is breathtaking…

the park’s altitude ranges from 1500 to 4895 metres.

one can opt for higher altitude glacier walk
or the river trail (which the locals usually take)
and our group opted for the ak-sai waterfall trail.

the waterfall was located at an altitude of 2860 metres
while it was rather steep at some points, it was very refreshing

though we had a huge team and not everyone could make it to the waterfall
we all got to experience the sunny, beautiful walk in tian shan mountain range

when we got to our base
we chanced on this natural pool
the water was obviously from the glacier
crystal clear, cold and quite inviting actually…
as we made way back to our bus
i saw this abandoned house and thought
what stories it would have gathered in its lifetime