Wat Pho

Wat Pho was just a boat ride from Wat Arun
It was bigger, more beautiful and very grand.

Followed a monk as we entered…watpho1watpho2watpho5Glad he didn’t notice or ignored the shadow
because some tourists asked an elderly monk
to take a picture with him and the monk refused.

watphoWat Pho also houses a giant statute of the reclining Buddha
and devotees assemble from far and near to catch a glimpse of this statue.


While these temples and temple complexes are beautiful
I was a little perplexed to see massage parlours in these areas
wondering if it it is part of the spiritual experience these temples offer.


Few Favourite Things in Thailand

th4Another of our favourite destinations in Southeast Asia is Thailand.
We keep going there for various things but for this post
I would like to list a few favourite things about this place.

  1. Thai Foodth

2. The Beach


3. The Temples


4. Night Markets