two days in mandalay: day 1

we reached mandalay at 6:30 am
and had the whole two days to explore

our first sighting were these little monks reading in a roadside library
and our first meal was so good, fresh and only about forty rupees for one…

then we walked to the mandalay palace -the residence of the last Burmese king
but ended up walking to the entrance where foreigners were not allowed to enter
so we ended up taking mobike taxis and went through the main entrance with others

Inside the palace, we were in awe
the golden pagoda architecture told
a story of a rich and wealthy royal family

the palace gardens were well kept
and made good photo opps for visitors

but i specifically enjoyed climbing the wooden watchtower
and looking down at the vast complex of the mandalay palace

we decided to take an auto back to the market area
lucky for us, we had a lady boss driving us back

we got dropped off at the zay cho market and
street food in southeast asia is always so exciting

but the best part of Day 1 in Mandalay
was this golden yellow pagoda that lit up as dusk came
looking exactly how i imagined Myanmar pagodas to be like