hortus botanicus leiden

Leiden University was established in 1575.
So in 1587, they asked permission from the mayor of Leiden
to establish the hortus academics, which was granted in 1590.

This is one of the oldest gardens in the world
with collection of plants from different sources
including the famous Dutch East India Company…

The garden is beautiful and you can sit and
admire the beautiful flowers or beautiful boat houses
across the canal…




life is better on the boat

so this is the mantra
people in leiden live by

as mentioned in my earlier post
if you have money, you buy a boat
so when summer comes, nothing beats
the boat life and i was super amused by it.

i watched people on their boats
riding, chilling, enjoying the summer sun

lucky for me, i got to go on a boat ride too
and these are some shtuff i saw from the boat

out and about leiden city

molen de valk or the windmill museum is a must visit.
even if you don’t get to enter inside, jus seeing the mill is worth the sight.

leiden market is open on wednesdays and saturdays along the canal.
there are varieties of stalls with food, flowers, fruits and everything in between.
we bought some local food (didn’t know what it was called) and we ended up sitting by the canal; eating and watching people enjoy the sun and the boat)

it was so interesting watching people on their boats
‘coz apparently boats are like a status symbol
(there will be a separate post for boat life)
you own a boat if you are a rich person:)

bookshop‘s are always fun to visit.
this one had a good collection but
but we just browsed here…

outdoor cafes are just so inviting.
each has its nice own decor and charm

leiden city hall was damaged in a fire in 1929,
the facade is all that remains of its original construction.

leiden is also known as city of keys
and one can notice the key motif
in various corners of the city

souvenir shops cannot be ignored
because that’s where we’ll find
the infamous dutch clogs.

poetry on the wall
is a wonderful treasure
poems by various poets
in different languages are
find their voices in leiden walls


l e i d e n

it was about 9:15am
when we started for leiden.leiwe were too early to check into ibis
so put our luggage and walked around

leiden seemed to be a
very bicycle friendly city

the weather was windy
and the buildings looked like
it had withstood time and space 😉

the houses in the neighbourhood
looked neat, organised and very pretty

finally we grabbed our first “meal”
before headin back to the hotel to check-in
at this cafe with a panoramic photo of leiden
the best part: they sold everything for just one euro.