flying visit to pokhara

in between europe and kyrgyzstan
i also made a quick trip to pokhara

and lakeside never gets old
didn’t go boating but it’s a good
reminder when i drowned in this lake

i really want to paddle board someday soon
but this trip i only looked at adverts and fantasized

we went to white rabbit coffee for brunch
and the breakfast was filling and reasonable

lakeside has a lot of good bookstores
where they also sell second hand books

since it was monsoon
the rains were inevitable

but my favourite part was a ride to the other end of lakeside
away from the touristy facade where people lived their simple lives

thought for the day

“i still find each day too short
for all the thoughts i want to think,
all the walks i want to take,
all the books i want to read,
and all the friends i want to see.

The longer i live
the more my mind dwells
upon the beauty and
the wonder of the world.”

-john burroughs