yurt camping

yurtone thing i wanted to do in kyrgyzstan
was to spend a night in the traditional yurt

so we headed to issyk kul and
finding a yurt was our top priority

lucky for us we met aaieta -a gentle lady
who gave us food and let us camp in her yurt

yurts are the traditional tents of central asian nomads
and the kyrgyz flag even has a depiction of the yurt roof

the next morning, i was lucky to catch sunrise in yurt camp
all these tents were pitched facing the sealike issyk kul lake

and luckier for me i got in the water and
did not miss this chance to swim in issyk kul

for breakfast, aaieta first served us chai
as she cleaned her plastic tables and chairs

the best part however was when she brought out
the issyk kul fish she had fried as we savoured its taste
and enjoyed the watermelon we got on the way to issyk kul

since it was a weekend
many locals with their families
had also made way to issyk kul beach
and we were privileged to have this experience
(because we were the only tourists there otherwise)

i only wish we could stay longer and
maybe write poems about issyk kul too




To Tingvong

The last time I was in Tingvong, a huge landslide had blocked the road
so I had to walk halfway and catch another jeep to get me out of Dzongu.

This time around, there was no to road to Tingvong.
The landslide and slope failure had eaten up the road
and a lake had been formed instead.
IMG_3339IMG_3325 (1)
Houses were submerged,
and villagers were divided
between two sides of the lake.

The relief rations were being carried
by the local menfolk
as it was transported in rafts
along with those that needed to
get to the otherside.


The debris from a week ago was still afresh
and one could see the dusty windows
of the house where we used to have tea.IMG_3350

“It looks like a desert” somebody remarked.
The brown branches were gray
covered with thick layers
of silts that looked like white sands.


Mother nature
was at work
to break
the complacent
rhythm of
selfish humans.

The landscape had changed
The road had turned to a lake
The road to Tingvong ceased to exist.
I don’t know when I will go to Tingvong next.