yurt camping

yurtone thing i wanted to do in kyrgyzstan
was to spend a night in the traditional yurt

so we headed to issyk kul and
finding a yurt was our top priority

lucky for us we met aaieta -a gentle lady
who gave us food and let us camp in her yurt

yurts are the traditional tents of central asian nomads
and the kyrgyz flag even has a depiction of the yurt roof

the next morning, i was lucky to catch sunrise in yurt camp
all these tents were pitched facing the sealike issyk kul lake

and luckier for me i got in the water and
did not miss this chance to swim in issyk kul

for breakfast, aaieta first served us chai
as she cleaned her plastic tables and chairs

the best part however was when she brought out
the issyk kul fish she had fried as we savoured its taste
and enjoyed the watermelon we got on the way to issyk kul

since it was a weekend
many locals with their families
had also made way to issyk kul beach
and we were privileged to have this experience
(because we were the only tourists there otherwise)

i only wish we could stay longer and
maybe write poems about issyk kul too




Rukh Ordo at Cholpon-Ata

Rukh Ordo is a cultural center
located in the north shore of Issyk Kul lake.

It houses structures of different world religions

There are also various artwork, statues and monuments

This cultural center was constructed in honor of Chingiz Aitmativ
-a Kyrgyz writer, ambassador and a literary figure for Kyrgyz people.

Chingiz is a hero in many ways
and this place is dedicated to him

The place also included various other paintings and artwork

and there was an exhibition on Kyrgyz women’s attire

somebody told us that you can learn Kyrgyz history in this place
and one could spend hours in this center that tells the story of Kyrgyz people

besides all the history, the place also exudes serenity
so one can sit, reflect and enjoy the peaceful environment too.


treasures on the silk road

Kyrgyzstan is part of the silk road and
we got a chance to traverse on it

the roads were surrounded by mountains
of different shades changing colors along the way

but i was more impressed
by all that we saw on the road

the first stop was by this burana tower replica
(’twas nice because we didn’t get to go to the main site)
altho probably made for the fancy burana hotel
with their private beach and an interesting sculpture park

but some distance down the road
there were plums, peaches, melons
and these kyrgyz ladies who were selling
watermelons that seemed larger than life…

for some reason i always imagined
these striped watermelons being sold
by a lady with a red head scarf and wallah…
i found her 🙂
we bought a melon, watermelon
and had a hearty laugh about how
we couldn’t find the right time to eat them

another treasure was this lady who served us
the juiciest sweet corn i have had in all my life

i wish i could’ve taken more pictures of the road
but we started late and our destination was quite far
so we couldn’t stop wherever we wanted just for the picture

if going was sunny, it was a little rainy on the way back
but our pitstops kept getting better and multifarious

first were these apricots, apples and seabuck thorn
sold at a price that i wish i could carry it all…

then we saw some dried fishes and fermented dairy
(didn’t buy either coz we were leaving the next day)

one of the best and last stops was at the kattama joint
-paratha kinda bread that is eaten with cream
if you want there are boiled eggs to go along

we were blessed to have traveled through
the same road that the caravans took
bringing back these treasures
from the silk road…