life is better on the boat

so this is the mantra
people in leiden live by

as mentioned in my earlier post
if you have money, you buy a boat
so when summer comes, nothing beats
the boat life and i was super amused by it.

i watched people on their boats
riding, chilling, enjoying the summer sun

lucky for me, i got to go on a boat ride too
and these are some shtuff i saw from the boat

kayaking in halong bay

even if you have never kayaked in your life
do not say no to kayaking in halong bay.

firstly, it is part of the tour package
(you already paid for it)
secondly, the waters aren’t too wild
(no rapids or rocks to capsize your kayak)
thirdly, the caves are impressive
(you feel like you are in a movie)
fourthly and most importantly,
you just kayaked in halong bay.

mui ne fishing village

we chanced upon this fishing village of mui ne.
(though we had read about it),
we were actually heading towards the sand dunes
when we saw boats by the shore and stopped by for a peek.

since we had a delayed start,
the apparent morning activity was absent
but we managed to find some local women
selling raw variety of fishes, crabs, and lobsters
they cooked in nearby shacks
so we could enjoy the fresh catch of the night.fishingvillage2fishingvillage7our excitement was perhaps quite visible
as we amusingly took photos after another
and a toothless fisherman
offered a tour in his round-bucket-like-boat
there was money involved,
but we gladly obliged and enjoyed our ride.
fishingvillage5the best part however
was another chance entry
to a restaurant nearby
fishingvillage9which served fresh seafood
at a very local price
as we ate all this (pic below)
for just two dollars.