camp nou experience

cpnou8camp nou is home ground for fc barcelona
their slogan ‘mes que un club’ means
more than a club so we were in
for the camp you experience

the place is teeming with fans
from all over the world and
messi is their selling factor

the displays were well organised and
the many trophies shone from its stands

one new thing I learned was
barca was a catalán club

the tour basically allows one to go inside their
press rooms, locker room and the jacuzzi too

I liked seeing their little chapel on the right
as they make way towards the stadium
the tour was extensive with full sound effects
of cheering crowds, commentators etc.

the view from the press box was super impressive

la rambling to la boqueria

las ramblas is a very vibrant street in central Barcelona
popular among both tourists and locals, it is the place to be

there are little stalls for flowers, food and fun
but the best part about las ramblas is it leads to
la boqueria -the ultimate street food destination

we bought everything we wanted to eat and
sat by a statue for a little picnic that afternoon


barceloneta beach

barceloneta beach is a popular one
there is something to do for everyone

from paddle boarding to volleyball
to just chillin’ with friends after a swim
it looked like a fun- happening beach to be in

i particularly liked the thick waves…

but the funniest was finding south asian men
selling odd items including bedsheets and samosas

barceloneta port is clean and you can walk
past the harbour where ships are docked and
you can see the connection of humans and the sea

the best part in barceloneta was eating paella
-a valencia dish for the first time (also it was my birthday)

so it was indeed a happy beach birthday for me 🙂



bus to barcelona


took an overnight bus from paris to barcelona
it was only 30 euros and we had crossed borders
without all the immigration hassle
as we arrived in barcelona nord the next morning

first hour, we hung around the university area
and of course barcelona street art caught my attention


the barcelona city tour buses were plying all over
one was parked in front of the cathedral basilica of barcelona
which looked very grand, impressive, crowded and under construction

there were also very many old interesting buildings
as we walked and walked and walked the first day in barca