12-hrs in Pattaya

We took a morning bus from Bangkok to Pattaya
and the first stop was for food -padthai and iced coffee

pattaya2pattaya1It was good to be back
amidst sunny palm trees teal beaches
Pattaya is still very touristy but it has that vibe
which will make you want to keep returning to it.pattaya7pattaya8pattaya5This time, I got to go to Pattaya view point
from where we could see the Pattaya cityscape.
pattaya10Later in the day,
we took tuktuk to Jomtien beach
It is the less touristy -local hangout
and the beaches are not as picturesque
but I like it here better than Pattaya beach.

We even managed to go to a flea market
drink coconut water eat the freshly baked donut.

The best part was the sunset
before catching our ride back to Bangkok.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho was just a boat ride from Wat Arun
It was bigger, more beautiful and very grand.

Followed a monk as we entered…watpho1watpho2watpho5Glad he didn’t notice or ignored the shadow
because some tourists asked an elderly monk
to take a picture with him and the monk refused.

watphoWat Pho also houses a giant statute of the reclining Buddha
and devotees assemble from far and near to catch a glimpse of this statue.


While these temples and temple complexes are beautiful
I was a little perplexed to see massage parlours in these areas
wondering if it it is part of the spiritual experience these temples offer.

Visiting temples in Bangkok: Wat Arun

We got on the Hop on Hop off boat tours
that would give us a ride to various tourist spots
but we decided to go the temples this time.

Our first stop was Wat Arun
and you really need to dress appropriately
else they will give you sarongs to cover yourself 🙂watarun0

War Arun is also known as the Temple of Dawn
We were lucky to have blue skies and clear weather
to appreciate the intricate art and astonishing architecture.



Bangkok Sunrise

Waking up on the western front is not an exciting thing for an early riser and that is what I have been doing since I have been here.
But this morning, I was a happy girl because my room window faced the eastern front that made me witness this beautiful sunrise and I rushed outside to go catch it:))