these faces

And these are faces
that are memorable in an instant,
striking you in a flash.
These faces haunt you
for the very reason
that you may never see them again.
There is only the most fleeting of glimpses,
yet out of the hundreds of faces
that you have seen,
and will see later,
this one stays with you,
following your thoughts and dreams
as if the wind,
a strange wind that is always
moving all around us
and through all creation,
had suddenly come to a halt
in your heart
and thrown down this image
to be lodged
in your memory forever…

-Mamang Dai in The Black Hill



Time doesn’t hang on a wall.
It doesn’t tick by on a wrist.
It’s infinitely more secretive and intimate.
Time, contrary to all notions,
does not flow.
It’s not beautifully fluid,

a murmuring river passing under a bridge.
In our heads, it hastens and halts and stumbles.
On occasion, it dissolves.
It ceases to exist.

Janice Pariat in Seahorse