do you amsterdam

ams0i had only been to amsterdam airport before.
so getting out of schiphol and exploring was fun.

first things first, one should catch a train
from the airport and head to amsterdam central.

while i didn’t do the typical “amsterdam” shtuff
(also because the city was towards the end of the trip)
here are a few “typical” amsterdam images for all to see.

apparently, “herring” is a must
so we ate some and licked our fingers.

there are tons of museums for art lovers
we made it only to the nieuwe kerk -new church
for the premiere exhibition of World Press Photo 2018

we managed to walk past Rijksmuseum
and saw some outdoor art installation like this one below
“self portrait of a dreamer” which wasn’t very original (i thought)

we also sat and enjoyed hot dogs in front of the Van Gogh museum
and while we did not have the energy to enter this museum
it was nice to chill and catch up with friends in the green lawn .

amsterdam also has canals, boats and bicycles
and while i was not too drawn to take photographs
of these amsterdam-y things, visiting the city has given me
a chance to respond yes i do amsterdam for the question “do you amsterdam”

World Press Photo 2018

It was our lucky day.
The Nieuwe Kerk at Dam Square was hosting
the World Premiere Exhibition of World Press Photo 2018.
I knew I wanted to go although my friends were not too keen
but I managed to convince them and it is one of the highlights of my time in Amsterdam..

The best of photojournalism was housed in one grand church built in 15th century.

World Press Photo Foundation is headquartered in Amsterdam and has been promoting visual story telling connecting the world with stories that matter.
They had provided these free audio tours which guided the people about the pictures and its background making it more powerful as we moved from one photograph to another.

The fact that it was held in this historic building made it all the more grand and the photographs came alive in one form or the other.

I specifically liked the photographs of Kadir van Lohuizen titled “Wasteland” where he documented how different societies manage waste. I liked the part where the audio guide mentioned how the Nigerian waste would not smell because they actually do not throw food and it is the food waste that stinks the most.

While going through the wall of the photographs since 1955, few of them are the iconic images that have remained in our mind. I remember Life magazine at our house back in the day and was introduced to some of these photographs then.


What an exhibit I tell ya…
and I am glad I got to see it.wpp201814