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Ekmara Book Festival

I like visiting book fairs/ festivals.
I’ve been to a few local, regional ones
but not the kinds where authors are rockstars
Ekmara Book festival was a treat for simple readers like myself.

It felt almost nostalgic to find old books that I loved while growing up.
Hardy Boys was my all time favorite.
I used to ask for Hardy Boys for Christmas,
for my birthday and any pocket money I had,
it went for buying Hardy Boys.
I had an almost full collection of Hardy Boys case files too.bbsbookfair2
It was nice to see some tribal tales as children’s books.
Ended up buying ten books
for extra luggage on the plane 😉



hirakud dam

Known to be one of the first dams built after Nehru’s projection of dams as the “temples of modern India”, Hirakud dam was indeed a modern marvel.
It is a success story although somebody mentioned how 200 villages were displaced and people are still awaiting compensation.Met an anthropologist who has done his research on the  impact of Hirakud among adivasis but haven’t had time to interact much with him. 

The dam is 4.8 kilometers long and there are two minars on two ends of the dam where people can climb and see a bird’s eye view of the dam.
(It only costs two rupees to enter the same)
I got to go to the Jawahar Minar which was inaugurated on 13 January 1957.


True enough, people come from nearby to see the site that has harnessed their rivers to control floods, irrigate land and produce electricity.


It has become a wonderful tourist spot with beautiful wide roads and endless sky leading them to view points overseeing the lake that has been created as a result of damming.

Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary

Processed with VSCO with nc presetLast weekend we made it to Barsey Rhododendron Park
(a tiny break from g-town).
While we thought we’d be the only ones visiting the place,
the number of tourists and taxis lined up at Hilley
would make you want to return.

But Hilley was only the starting point of our hike.
And we could already see rhododendrons in bloom.
So, without wasting much time,
we entered the forest and found ourselves walking
the brown carpet and enjoying the occasional sighting of bright flowers.IMG_5375IMG_5420

Since it was all ready evening.
We pitched our tents for the night
but campfire was not allowed
still we managed to make instant noodles
for our humble dinner that night.
Halfway through our sleep in the woods,
we were woken by thunder and rain
which continued through the morning
that also brought surprise hailstorms for us.

While we were to hike back the longer route
we were not equipped for a long rainy walk
so we walked back the same way
through an all together different woods.

IMG_5417IMG_5424IMG_5421Processed with VSCO with nc presetIMG_5359