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Dylan’s Cafe

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Dylan’s Cafe happened after I left Shillong.
And the last few times I’ve been back, I had not had the chance.
so this time around, we made it.
It is supposed to be a tribute to our favorite Nobel laureate
since the city already celebrates his birthday every year on May 24th.


teramachi street

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teramachi6teramachi8teramachi means temple area
but we went there to shop
and while i got a few souvenirs
including a sword-like-umbrella

i got caught up with
the pretty cafes and
second hand books, CDs
that were there for sale

after sunset, the streets lit up
and the temple lanterns
indicated there was indeed
a temple in teramachi street

Traveling Tastebuds

Last night I made Maggi for dinner.
I thought I’d cook something interesting
but realised I don’t really know how
to whip up something nice and tasty;
or is it that I really don’t make that effort?
or that I just don’t enjoy cooking?

But when I travel,
I automatically become the foodie
I enjoy all kinds of food.
From the airplane food,
to the take-out-tiffin from
the local family mart
and all that you get in-between.


Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary

Processed with VSCO with nc presetLast weekend we made it to Barsey Rhododendron Park
(a tiny break from g-town).
While we thought we’d be the only ones visiting the place,
the number of tourists and taxis lined up at Hilley
would make you want to return.

But Hilley was only the starting point of our hike.
And we could already see rhododendrons in bloom.
So, without wasting much time,
we entered the forest and found ourselves walking
the brown carpet and enjoying the occasional sighting of bright flowers.IMG_5375IMG_5420

Since it was all ready evening.
We pitched our tents for the night
but campfire was not allowed
still we managed to make instant noodles
for our humble dinner that night.
Halfway through our sleep in the woods,
we were woken by thunder and rain
which continued through the morning
that also brought surprise hailstorms for us.

While we were to hike back the longer route
we were not equipped for a long rainy walk
so we walked back the same way
through an all together different woods.

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To Tingvong

The last time I was in Tingvong, a huge landslide had blocked the road
so I had to walk halfway and catch another jeep to get me out of Dzongu.

This time around, there was no to road to Tingvong.
The landslide and slope failure had eaten up the road
and a lake had been formed instead.
IMG_3339IMG_3325 (1)
Houses were submerged,
and villagers were divided
between two sides of the lake.

The relief rations were being carried
by the local menfolk
as it was transported in rafts
along with those that needed to
get to the otherside.


The debris from a week ago was still afresh
and one could see the dusty windows
of the house where we used to have tea.IMG_3350

“It looks like a desert” somebody remarked.
The brown branches were gray
covered with thick layers
of silts that looked like white sands.


Mother nature
was at work
to break
the complacent
rhythm of
selfish humans.

The landscape had changed
The road had turned to a lake
The road to Tingvong ceased to exist.
I don’t know when I will go to Tingvong next.