cafés in vietnam…

serve green tea, coffee and beer
and these are the top three drinks in vietnam

but vietnamese coffee shops also have the cutest corners
with a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that.huecafe6

this coffee shop was right outside the citadel
and mock me, but i ordered a pizza
(the first and the last time hopefully)
because i was soo hungry.

then we walked a few hundred yards
and there was this other café… 🙂


Cycling to An Bang Beach, Hội An

We cycled to the An Bang beach in Hội An.
It was a nice ride and the beach was calm and clean.

There was a fisherman trying his luck
as we tried some fresh prawns from the sea…

On our way back, we made a detour
and rode through the countryside.
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in other words…

those who don’t belong
to any specific place can’t,
in fact, return anywhere.
The concepts of exile and return
imply a point of origin,
a homeland.

Without a homeland
and without a true mother tongue,
I wander the world,
even at my desk.

In the end I realize
that it wasn’t a true exile:
far from it.
I am exiled
even from the
definition of exile.

-Jhumpa Lahiri in In Other Words


When the world was new
a god prowling the universe
created something called Time.
It was a mysterious thing,
as mysterious as
the invisible god
tilting the sky to create
night and day,
a past as irrevocable
as the future,
and the fleeting moments
before us
of which none can say
with certainty
if their meaning
is bound by fate,
or simply a game of
someone rolling dice.

-Mamang Dai in The Black Hill