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Anil’s Cafe, Chaar Dukan

I was not a regular at Anil’s Cafe
when I was in school.
but I had to visit
when I was there last month.
So, I walked up towards chaar dukan
and only realised this time around
that the reason this place
is called chaar dukan
is because there are only four dukans
and anil’s is the last one there 🙂


welcome to the yak country

saw so many yaks
for the first time
in my life.

also met
the pastoral nomads
who look after these yaks
inside their temporary settlement
we met Dolma who offered tea
and snacks as we opted
for just some warm water.
she said they had been there
for about two months now
and looked after 150 yaks

she also gave yak churpees
and asked us to visit again.

a little further from their place
we saw another yak herder
with his herd and
watched the yaks
cross the road.

Model Beach

This place was clean, almost empty and beachy
how I wish I could lay on the sand
except we came unprepared.
this was one of those unassuming beaches
that tourists give a miss
and only realize its worth
after they get there
but what a joy it was
to land here during a lazy stroll…

modelbeach6modelbeachmodelbeach3modelbeach5modelbeach2modelbeach4modelbeach7The last picture is my favourite.

The sun was intense
and the sand was warm
he found the sign board
for that shade away from the sun