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Back in Vietnam

The last time I was in Vietnam
I knew I wanted to wanted to come back.

We had traveled from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh
and spent a night in Hoi An -Danang.

But it was too short a time
to get to know the country.

So I am back here
traveling, learning and experiencing.

As I make way
from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi

Immersing in the local culture
and enjoying the Vietnamese experience.


Anil’s Cafe, Chaar Dukan

I was not a regular at Anil’s Cafe
when I was in school.
but I had to visit
when I was there last month.
So, I walked up towards chaar dukan
and only realised this time around
that the reason this place
is called chaar dukan
is because there are only four dukans
and anil’s is the last one there 🙂

cambridge book depot

all those weekend outings
during boarding school life
never brought me here.
because it was off bounds
(though only 100 yards further)
and i was that goody two shoes
who broke no rules 😉

but i finally made it.cbdepot5cbdepot2
this is the famed ruskin bond hangout.
on certain saturdays when he is in mussoorie
he actually comes here and chills with his fans
he came to our school once
I vaguely remember
but i realised I would not read his books twice
once is good enough…
cbdepot6cbdepotcbdepot3but this place is a must visit
if you want ruskin bond collection
all his books are housed neatly
i however collected
a ruskin bond selection instead.cbdepot7