street art in paris

paris is easily associated with art
it is even known as the “city of art” and
it has numerous art museums and galleries
that inspire artists from all over the world as they
make way to the art capital of the world…

but street art in paris is another treat all together

one of the interesting sighting was Grego’s art
-a french artist who uses a 3D concept to display his face
in the walls of paris and has been deemed successful at inspiring
interaction between the faces and the passersby…

another beautiful installation that I managed to find
was of Otto Schade -a chilean artist whose trademark street art
has also been widely recognised and is found in the streets of paris

there was this beautiful series of girls looking away
or not showing their faces but i am not sure who the artist was

again, there were these awesome multimedia art
but i have no idea who made them…

there was this animal themed street art with city scapes…
(again do not know the artist)

i also liked these stencil art…

overall it was wonderful to see how different artists
are expressing themselves in the streets of paris…

sacré cœur

sacré cœur apparently means ‘sacred heart’ in english
it has interesting history about the place being a sacred site
druids apparently used to worship here
and the first christian chapel was also built here.


the church is tourist friendly and
has no entrance fee unless you want
to climb the dome and see the city of love
but one can also easily see the view from top of the steps

the best part about sacré cœur is the front lawn
where tired tourists can sit, chill, picnic and watch people

one of the best places to spend your day in paris



montmartre is a must

montmartre is a village on a hill…
complete with cobbled streets, french windows
pretty cafes, artwork and artists who showcased their work

it seemed to be a favorite tourist destination
rightly so for all the quaint frenchy things it offered

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetwe chanced upon a photo shoot
of a model in beret carrying a baguette
giving those French vibes in cobbled streets

eiffel tower

while it is one of the wonders of the world
eiffel tower was made by the same person who
made the statue of liberty that france gifted to the US

you have to visit the eiffel tower
if you are in paris (that’s my own rule)

this was my second time in paris
and my second time in eiffel tower too…
The view from the top was pretty amazing and
the only one thing i remember from my last climb
was the soccer ground down below and I was happy to spot it.
it was dusk as we came out of the tower
and saw the lights light up the eiffel tower
and am reminded of that quote somebody said
“i like the eiffel tower because it looks like steel and lace”


shakespeare and company paris

Shakespeare and Company Paris
is the most popular independent bookstore in the world
and a very popular tourist destination (not only for book lovers)

even Frank Sinatra is believed to have said,
“Eddie you must travel and when you do, go to Paris,
go to the Shakespeare bookstore.” And that’s what we did.

We had to line up to enter the place
and as you enter it felt like you got transported
to the pages of some book of some famous writer
and most tourists who found a corner in the store felt the same am sure
some looked like they had been there all day and wouldn’t mind spending the night
(if they did not have to leave)
it was a book lovers paradise…

while there was no photography allowed inside
i managed a few shots because everyone was doing so😷

While you would think there would mostly only be classics
I was almost tempted to buy Everett’s latest How Language Began

It also looked like a good place for locals to just go and read a book
Or you could spend some time at the Shakespeare and Company cafe adjacent to it.

bonjour paris

the perfect parisian window is when you have
tall windows, tiny balconies and pretty flowers…

French architecture is very impressive anyways
everywhere we went there were these beautiful buildings
with so much history and character that it was almost intimidating

This is the bank of France which was founded By Napoleon in 18 January 1800.

And I liked how the construction/ renovation
is also covered by some awesome artwork.

interestingly, tour saint-jacques was located in the middle of a park
where we sat for a while and watched the gothic tower from long long ago.