Cat Cat Village, Sapa

An hour after we reached Sapa, we started for our “trek” to Cat Cat Village. It was a sunny morning with blue skies, pretty mountains and lots of tourists. But we had a very friendly guide who looked just like a friend as she guided us to Cat Cat tourism area.


Walking down the steps, we could see the colourful local attires and the designs. There was also this little kid who looked like a doll selling dolls to tourists.

Cat Cat Village is home to the Hmong community and it was fascinating to enter their homes and see their weaving machines and how they dye and design their clothes.

catcat15Along the way were many Hmong women selling the little souvenirs they had made. Colorful wrist bands and sling bags with Hmong patterns seemed a popular one as it was impossible not to buy anything from these smiling women.

In no time, we had reached the centre area where a lot of traditional activities were displayed. From spinning to weaving and some live dance performances were held across the waterfall that was quite refreshing after the long walk.


Then we headed to what looked like a peek into sustainable living harnessing water by creating mini dams and water-wheel for some pulley action…

The corn decors were also very impressive. And there was a museum kind of exhibition inside one of these huts with local edible items; hence the corns perhaps? But what I liked most is how this place creates room for not just foreigners from outside but local tourists who get to come and revisit their culture.




cafés in vietnam…

serve green tea, coffee and beer
and these are the top three drinks in vietnam

but vietnamese coffee shops also have the cutest corners
with a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that.huecafe6

this coffee shop was right outside the citadel
and mock me, but i ordered a pizza
(the first and the last time hopefully)
because i was soo hungry.

then we walked a few hundred yards
and there was this other café… 🙂

When Hội An lanterns light up your evening

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
When you arrive in Hội An during day,
you see these ordinary lanterns hanging everywhere.
and you don’t really pay much attention
but you can’t ignore them when night falls…

and that was how i remember Hội An
from my last visit to this town
this time around was no different
as it lit up and glowed in the dark.hoianatnighthoianatnight3hoianatnight6interestingly, these lanterns are made of silk
and while I did not get any (should’ve perhaps)
i did get a silk suit made in Hội An
which is apparently another of the must-dos in this town.

đối sách/ 43 Phan Bội Châu

i keep running into interesting bookstores in Vietnam.
Last time around was Boa Bookstore in Saigon.
This time, it was đối sách in Hội An.bookshop0
This bookstore looked more like a private collection
that has been made open to the public.
Of course it’s a great place
where book lovers can read, relax, buy, exchange and sell books.
There are apparently 5000 books in this shop
and is run by a retired teacher who also looks out for poor students. bookshop5hoian18bookshop3bookshop4hoian19