2019 Recap

Ten days into 2020
and the new year has not
been a happy wonderful start

all over the planet, there is chaos
and i am just crawling out of 2019

to be honest, last year was amazing
and before i begin 2020, i need to recap…

because last year was when i hopped continents,
climbed machu pichu -lost all my pictures and
cartwheeled in salar de uyuni, although
read less books than usual, but
managed to learn so much,
i am still hungover…

2020 is going to be slow -a little break from travels
but i shall blog more often, even late posts
perhaps read more, write more and
hope 2020 gets better as it rolls.
photo by kalzangmarpo

so much to do in yangoon

located in the centre of the city
we headed to bogyoke aung san market

as usual they’ve got the fresh juice
interesting store names and good food

nearby, was the holy trinity church
apparently a popular tourist attraction

we then walked by movie theatres, mosques
and browsed through alleys and shops in yangon

one of the must visits (if you are an indian)
is the tomb of the last mughal emperor of india
bahadur shah zafar who was sent to exile in rangon
and never got to return to his country… (yep, thats the brits)

overall, a wonderful city with
so much history and character
it is a must for any offbeat traveler