ngwe saung beach, Myanmar

ngwe saung beach is about four-hours
from the bustling-capital city of yangoon

while it is still trying to make its mark as a beach town
its long silver beach and the many activities in the beach
is a sure indicator that it is becoming a popular destination

mornings by the beach was a happy place to be
where people enjoyed a stroll, a swim or some tube-fun
there were girlfriends on vacay and boys playing football

one attraction at the beach was a burmese mermaid
i loved how it looked so local and not hollywood at all
another interesting thing I learned/ saw was something called ‘tambolo’
– the refraction and diffraction of waves apparently, technically speaking;
but for me it was that point where waves from two directions came
crashing and gave joy to the onlookers and visitors like me
but as always, the beach comes alive in the evenings
when the golden sun goes down the horizon
and leaves us speechless with its many
moods and emotions…

and then there is that ‘bounce’
when you wait a little longer
after the sun goes down
and magic happens!