what we did in nyaung shwe

we arrived in nyaung shwe early morning and
woke up at a leisurely pace and decided to explore

one of the fun things to do is
to rent a cycle and move around

we cycled past a barber’s salon
as the wife showed us some mask
they use at some performance there

the destination for the day was the
red mountain vineyards and winery

which is located in a beautiful hill
overlooking the Shan valley and we
decided to taste some Burmese wine too

we then cycled to maing thou village
and spent time watching people and soaking
in the sights while we went for a short boat ride
what impressed me most was the clear reflection
of houses where they lived in the still water of the lake

i also enjoyed meeting the many boatmen/ women/ children
who rowed the boats with their legs -a special talent and tradition

during the boat ride, our boat lady got me a lotus
after we got off the boat, we sat on the bridge
and watched Burmese students return from school

we then bought some fried fish
from our boat lady’s stall and hung
out with a badass grandma drinking tea

We then rode past this beautiful garden of sunflowers
and got permission from the house owners to take pics

but what a day
dreamy and surreal