how do we rid them?

how you
refused his
food only
because he
was not
upper caste

how you
wanted a
pundit to
bring food
and serve
to you

how i
wish we
could get
rid of
horrid men
like you…

Hatu Peak

Whenever we travel, we might have a destination
but along the way there are many stops and detours
that often determine how we got to our final destinationhatu4On our way to Hatu peak
our first stop was for chai in theog

thereafter we made an uphill climb
to hatu peak where the entire himalayan range
was lined up against the blue sky and dragon clouds

there were these amazing rocks and
yellow wildflowers smiling on the hillside

hatu temple was up for a big event
as the chief minister of himachal was
visiting that day and i got to see him too

on the way back we stopped by this small pond

near the pond was a Gujjar dera for the nomadic Gujjar tribe
who would set up temporary shelters when they passed through
but the driver told us it becomes a shop-stall during tourist season

then we stopped at narkhanda for lunch
at the new himalaya negi dhaba for raajma-chawal

the most interesting part of the trip was buying apples
from this boss-lady who was selling from the hood of her jeep

another discovery on the way
was this high altitude training centre

all in all, quite a good one-day getaway
from shimla to hatu and the in-between places.


international film festival shimla

last weekend was beautiful october weather
as we chanced on the international film festival

hosted in the two halls of gaiety theater
it was such a delight to be able to attend
at least one screening that hit the right chords

we managed to watch sinjar
the first movie in janseri language
which apparently won best feature film
at national film awards earlier this year.

we also met the director -sandeep papally
and i managed to shake hands, congratulate
and take a smiling picture of him in himachali topi 🙂