osh bazar

last afternoon in bishkek we headed to osh bazar
because we needed to buy souvenirs before leaving
and as soon as we saw this kyrgyz bread
i knew we had arrived because whenever
i would google ‘osh bazar’ images of this bread
flood my screen but as we moved around we found
horse sausages and some really good cheap dried fruits too

the souvenir stalls were interesting
they seem to use a lot of coarse wool
which feels itchy just by looking at it..

the dresses had lots of ruffles and frills
apparently to be worn during special occasions

for the men, you have the kalpak
which is a traditional kyrgyz hat and
men wear as a sign of their masculinity

of course there are other random things one can buy
from old Russian military uniforms to floppy beach hats

i wish i had more time to explore osh bazar
but what i saw and experienced was far from
what people had been saying about tourists being
randomly asked for IDs and cops demanding money etc.
(so if you are in bishkek, do not leave without visiting osh bazar:)



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