Rukh Ordo at Cholpon-Ata

Rukh Ordo is a cultural center
located in the north shore of Issyk Kul lake.

It houses structures of different world religions

There are also various artwork, statues and monuments

This cultural center was constructed in honor of Chingiz Aitmativ
-a Kyrgyz writer, ambassador and a literary figure for Kyrgyz people.

Chingiz is a hero in many ways
and this place is dedicated to him

The place also included various other paintings and artwork

and there was an exhibition on Kyrgyz women’s attire

somebody told us that you can learn Kyrgyz history in this place
and one could spend hours in this center that tells the story of Kyrgyz people

besides all the history, the place also exudes serenity
so one can sit, reflect and enjoy the peaceful environment too.



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