ala too square

located in the heart of bishkek city
ala too square is the one place you need to know
if you need to meet up with friends and have no phone nor wifi
just agree to meet in front of manas statue at ala-too…alatoo5apparently, there used to be a lenin statute
which has since been removed and replaced
by the mighty manas – hero of the Kyrgyz people

nearby is the Kyrgyz flagpole where
soldiers change guard during evenings

there are a few fancy atractions
like the kids double decker bus,
a horse chariot and a toy train


it seems to be a popular hangout for city kids
riding their bikes, roller skating and having a blast

opposite the manas statute were these
colourful dancing fountains that
visitors from out of capital city
seemed to enjoy and relish

as a visitor in the city i liked this square a lot
there was a sense of freedom and openness
for new beginnings under the kyrgyz sky.




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