shakespeare and company paris

Shakespeare and Company Paris
is the most popular independent bookstore in the world
and a very popular tourist destination (not only for book lovers)

even Frank Sinatra is believed to have said,
“Eddie you must travel and when you do, go to Paris,
go to the Shakespeare bookstore.” And that’s what we did.

We had to line up to enter the place
and as you enter it felt like you got transported
to the pages of some book of some famous writer
and most tourists who found a corner in the store felt the same am sure
some looked like they had been there all day and wouldn’t mind spending the night
(if they did not have to leave)
it was a book lovers paradise…

while there was no photography allowed inside
i managed a few shots because everyone was doing so😷

While you would think there would mostly only be classics
I was almost tempted to buy Everett’s latest How Language Began

It also looked like a good place for locals to just go and read a book
Or you could spend some time at the Shakespeare and Company cafe adjacent to it.


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