mui ne sand dunes

who would’ve thought that there would be sand dunes in Vietnam
(except there are both red and white sand dunes in this country)

one can avail the different tours and reach the dunes
but it is always better to explore on one’s own
and that’s exactly what we did.


the red sand dunes
are not too far from mui ne town
as we biked to this place
and what a sight!

in the middle of the highway
near the hills and the river
you’ve got the sand dunes
waiting to be explored

and what an adventure!
as we also got
on the plastic toboggan
and slid down the dunes…sanddunes4

one of the best things about vietnam
is there are not too many tourists (yet)
to spoil your experience and the environment.
(but we know it won’t be like this forever)
sanddunes7sanddunes5sanddunes6and the other best part about Vietnam
is the street food.
right outside the dunes
these yummy prawns with fried garlic
was waiting for us
to snack on them.

cho mui ne

The local Vietnamese market is a treat.
One can find everything and anything
at a very affordable price.

From flowers to candies
to rice and meat
the place is for your
everyday need.
After a brief visit
to cho mui ne
we sat across the street
for some coffee
and free wifi
as we google mapped
our next destination
and watched people
and the bikes
zoom on the street.

mui ne fishing village

we chanced upon this fishing village of mui ne.
(though we had read about it),
we were actually heading towards the sand dunes
when we saw boats by the shore and stopped by for a peek.

since we had a delayed start,
the apparent morning activity was absent
but we managed to find some local women
selling raw variety of fishes, crabs, and lobsters
they cooked in nearby shacks
so we could enjoy the fresh catch of the night.fishingvillage2fishingvillage7our excitement was perhaps quite visible
as we amusingly took photos after another
and a toothless fisherman
offered a tour in his round-bucket-like-boat
there was money involved,
but we gladly obliged and enjoyed our ride.
fishingvillage5the best part however
was another chance entry
to a restaurant nearby
fishingvillage9which served fresh seafood
at a very local price
as we ate all this (pic below)
for just two dollars.

mui ne

Mui ne is your ultimate vacation destination (but not many people know that).
When people go to Vietnam, they skip Mui ne, because it is neither the capital nor the infamous HCMC. Although it is just a few hours from HCMC as we took a morning bus from Saigon and by noon, we were in Mui ne.

Mui ne is like any other beach town with one stretch of the road leading to different “tourist points” along the coast. I looked around for maps of Muine but this banner was the only map I could find hanging in the first place we ate at Mui ne.

It is a small town with a growing tourist industry and you hope it remains the same because the pace of the place is what one needs on a vacation. Tall palm trees, blue skies and empty beaches is ideal and if there are surfers, swimmers and other water sport activities one can only be thankful that it is not at all crowded and everyone can find their own things to do.

But Mui ne is not only about the beaches. There are so many things to do for anyone and everyone. The best way to get around is hire a motorbike, ride around town -outta town and enjoy all its treasures. This wonderful place is home to sand dunes, a fairy stream and a fishing village one cannot miss. The vibe is such, we actually went around looking for a place to rent (for a month or two) wondering if we could afford because we are definitely going back to Mui ne.

Cu Chi Tunnels and District 7

On our third day in Saigon, we took a half day tour of Cu Chi Tunnels. By the looks of it,  the Viet Congs definitely gave a tough time to the American soldiers. Like I mentioned in my previous post, these guys have mastered the art of tunnel warfare. The American soldiers had no idea how they were operating. They would move underground in these tiny tunnels thanks to their smaller framed bodies as well which was allowed them to fit under these holes and make way to the American base, ambush them and come back with much ease as it baffled the Americans what was happening under ground.

These tunnels looked tiny but a few of these were made available for tourists who wanted to experience the same.

Overall, it is not just the tunnels but traps and their whole machinery of how they would partake in tunnel warfare.


District 7
In the evening, our local friends suggested we go to District 7 -the up and coming swanky township in Ho Chi Minh City. While District 7 reminds me of Hunger Games, it was nothing like the districts of Hunger Games. There were malls, new apartments and a lake. One of the things about Vietnam is, they hardly build high-rise apartments as we see in newer cities etc. Also, they decided not to ruin the lake and built their city around the lake. It was pretty.