declining reading habit

I am ashamed I did not read much this year
Apparently I read 51 books in 2009
I don’t know what happened to me since
But I am so glad I met Robert James Waller in 2015
Regardless, my short list includes…

  1. Seahorse -Janice Pariat
  2. Mr. Mac and Me -Esther Freud
  3. The Last Illusion -Porochista Khakpour
  4. Anil’s Ghost -Michael Ondaatje
  5. In and Antique Land -Amitabh Ghosh
  6. Half Girlfriend -Chetan Bhagat
  7. When the River Sleeps -Easterine Kire
  8. A Girl’s Guide to Modern European Philosophy -Charlotte Greig
  9. The Bridges of Madison County -Robert James Waller
  10. A Thousand Country Roads -Robert James Waller
  11. Old Songs in a New Cafe -Robert James Waller
  12. 20 Frangments of a Ravenous Youth -Xiaolu Guo
  13. Day’s End Stories: Life After Sundown in Smalltown India -Subhi Jiwani
  14. Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend -Robert James Waller
  15. Puerto Vallarta Squeeze -Robert James Waller
  16. The Black Hill -Mamang Dai
  17. The Light of His Clan -Chetan Raj Shrestha (still reading but will complete before 2015 ends)

I hope to do better in 2016.


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