Monthly Archives: May 2015


and when
dusk came
we would
rather remain
in each
others company
instead of
parting ways




Most people put their cameras away too soon.

After the sun goes down,
there’s often a period of really nice light
and color in the sky,
just for a few minutes,
when the sun is below the horizon
but bounces its light off the sky.

-Robert James Waller in The Bridges of Madison County


he liked words and images.
“blue” was one of his favorite words.
he liked the feeling it made on his lips
and tongue when he said it.
words have physical feeling,
not just meaning,
he remembered thinking
when he was young.

He liked other words,
such as “distant,”
and “India”
for how they sounded,
how they tasted,
and what they conjured up in his mind.

He kept a list of words
he liked posted in his room.

-Robert James Waller in The Bridges of Madison County