these two

thesetwomonastic life
in maroon
robes and
colorful chappals

going home?

“Whereas the tourist generally hurries back home
at the end of a few weeks or months,
the traveler belonging no more
to one place than to the next,

moves slowly over periods of years,
from one part of the earth to another.

Indeed, he would have found it difficult to tell,
among the many places he had lived,
precisely where it was he had felt most at home.”

-Paul Bowles in The Sheltering Sky

funny world

Mala Aunty sighed. “It’ll never work.”
“But other Sinhalese and Tamil people get married.”
“I know,” Mala Aunty replied, “but they have their parents consent.”
“If two people love each other, the rest is unimportant.”
“No, it isn’t.
Ultimately, you have to live
in the real world.”

-Shyam Selvadurai in Funny Boy