The tears felt itchy.
She made no sound.
He took her hand in his,
both clasped on the table,
and between them silence grew,
an ancient silence that they both knew.
She was inside this silence
and she was safe.

-Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in Americanah

She loved going for long walks.
Holding fireflies that floated like dreams,

shining in the air,
blinking at night like flickering wishes.
People say fireflies are souls of people
with unfulfilled wishes,

souls of people who died when they shouldn’t have.

She left. Like a dream.

-Aruni Kashyap in The House with a Thousand Stories


Maybe the choice isn’t between living and dying.
Maybe it is between victory or defeat.
When it comes to going on,

to living,
there is nothing in between.

-Mariane Pearl in A Mighty Heart