joinin’ the rank

he aspired
to follow
his father’s

childhood aim
distant dream

he wasn’t
attracted to
perks of
the power

he wanted
to serve
he needed
to help

he felt
a responsibility
to make
a difference

so focused
he was,
on his
desired goal

he did
not falter
he did
not budge

commitment paid
hardwork resulted
his turn
soon came

to run
the miles
to march
the parade

to don
the uniform
to carry
the baton

he had
his father’s


“Gazing at the sea I have a strong feeling of happiness.
True, it’s not all over yet, but in the light of old fears and uncertainties
I have decidedly won a victory.”
– Bronislaw Malinowski

That’s the difference between us:
you worry about rules and I worry about being human.

-Amitav Ghosh in The Circle of Reason