the poetess

she would
recite poetry
to those
who lent
their ears

it could
be in

hindi or
in urdu

it didn’t
matter if
you didn’t

her passion
was enough
for all
to understand

Koh Samet



Koh Samet was the perfect island getaway this past weekend.
It was peaceful, quieter and less commercial.
It was easily accessible from capital Bangkok.
(Ekmai bus station to Banphe port= 273 baht/ round trip/ by bus
Banphe port to Nuanthip Pier = 100 baht/ roundtrip/ by ferry)

It was perfect!


something so
about the

spacious sky
above your head

silver sea
in your gaze

flying fishes
within your reach

white sand
under your toes

…you’d be a foreigner anywhere.

“There is something strange about you, you know.
Something distant.
I’d guess that when people are with you they don’t feel like they’re with a human being.
Maybe it’s an Indian characteristic, but I have a feeling you’d be a foreigner anywhere.”

-Arun Joshi in The Foreigner