monsoon marvel

As I hear the lazy Dylan voice, “I wanna know have you ever seen the rain?” I want to sing out loud, “I have seen the rain.”
I have even tasted the rain. It was the uncalled urge to tilt one’s head heavenward with wide-open mouth on days without umbrella. But, it was the soft wet landing in the face that was more sensational than the few drops inside the mouth.
In a way then, I have touched the rain too. But you don’t touch the rain, because it touches you. With stretched arms and an open embrace, the rain can gently touch you sending a fresh air through the body. Or a bad day might mean it would slap your hands with huge droplets and a bit of pain.

(abstracted from a previously published full-length article in Sikkim NOW 🙂

go now…

“…go now while you’re still young, because one day it will be too late, and then you won’t feel at home here or there. You’ll feel like a stranger everywhere, and that’s worse than being dead.”

-Gabriel Garcia Marquez in The General in His Labyrinth