new avatar for shillong’s bob dylan

Last week, the sports page of The Shillong Times was wholly dedicated for an ad that was soon to be seen across shillong town. The one and only Bob Dylan of this town was the new face/ poster-child for Star cement.
While the rest of the world knows him for his undoubted rockstar image… jean shorts and sleeveless t-shirts (which he probably cut it off himself); his colorful mis-matched socks and the Tibetan boots have made their marks as well.
What most people fail to mention are his tight-tanned thighs and bulky arms as if he’s been working out all his life. (but again, that could be a result of him walking all across shillong town… in many ways he is also the weather indicator for shillongites as people genuinely agree that the weather is freezing when lou majaw aka shillong’s bob dylan is not wearing his shorts).
In my opinion, the only people to notice the fittest man in shillong town are the star cement- solid setting folks and they have chosen the right man for the right job. Despite the fact that it is only his face that finds space in the frame, the ad people could’ve used different angles and composition to make the adverts a more convincing affair.
Regardless, this post is for the one solid man; both in physique and his music hailing from the abode of clouds.


4 thoughts on “new avatar for shillong’s bob dylan

  1. This man came to my bookshop and cleaned my guitar. Then belted out the ballads.This man turned up on my birthday (thanks to the conspiracy of my friends). There was a surprise party too!This man sang "Happy Birthday" as I danced the twist onstage.Forever young. That's what this man is all about. Let's learn a little from the man!

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