dzongu daze



beach night

dark skies
faint stars
only time
for lovers
to picnic
on wide
sand carpets

in ceylon

he was tamil
she was sinhalese

they had a son
he was eight

the war broke
ethnic conflict arose

their house was ransacked
looted, burned and destroyed
they became homeless
soon becoming refugees

they left for england
to recuperate
but they soon returned
back to their homeland

forgetting the pain and loss
forgiving their people and populace.

priscilla centre

Five years ago, I traveled to Bodo, Kuki, Sema and Rongmei villages to take photographs and prepare reports for the Priscilla Centre.
I visited their headquarters in Guwahati this afternoon and saw that some photographs have come handy till today. Above shots were from Khaibung village, Nagaland.
I like what they are doing… I might do another trip before the year ends.