i shall not walk alone…

hope is alive
while we’re apart
only tears
speak from my heart
break the chains
that hold us down
and we shall be
forever bound

-Ben Harper


i have decided,
i want something like this.

it is a want,
it can wait.

amul butter

I’ve been on an amul butter craze in the last few days (as some might have noticed from my tweets).
Interestingly, I chanced on this amul butter “billboard” in police-point, laitumkrah today and I have no idea what this “Hazard of Oz” is all about. For some strange reason, I don’t recollect watching any amul butter ads on television (?).
I know it is strange blogging about amul butter but I always thought their ads read “utterly butterly delicious” and not “share, don’t scare!”

jhum today

he striked the matchstick
he lit his cigarette

he took the burning stick
he threw it on the ground

he started the fire
he wanted it to spread

he talked of fresh plants surfacing
he enjoyed the wild flames

he was scolded by his friends
he was being careless

he couldn’t explain
he was a tribal man

swollen arm

i got bit by a bug
i got a swollen arm.

i visited the pharmacy
i was referred to a doctor.

the doctor took a look
the doctor prescribed capsules.

i had to pay the doctor
i had to buy the pills.

my arm looked red
my arm swelled.

i was not convinced
i visited another pharmacy.

the pharmacist took a look
the pharmacist gave another pill.

i bought the drug
i bought her story.

i returned from the bazaar
i retrieved my medicine collection.

i have the choice
i have the cure.

the arm needs to be healed
the arm is still red.