what color is your life?

mine is definitely

photo by @elektar with her samsung corby S3650
(hence the title question)
in siliguri today

stared at!

got on the bus
all eyes fell on her.

stared as if to say,

you look beautiful!

stared as if to say,

you look weird!

all stared.


just ignored.

crocs with a pending patent :)

only last year (yep in 2009), my thai-tribal-cousin and i were talking about how crocs came and went, but we never did crocs…

well, that was last year.
today, i found a pair of crocs in k-town.
i liked them instantly as they would be the perfect fit for meghalaya downpours.
i came back and examined the crocs…

it is…
made in china
u.s. patent pending.

it is…
the perfect shoe.


flipping through my old journal,
i found this postcard from long ago…
it seems i wandered and wondered
even about an address.
i still wander and wonder
which address to give.

it’s good addresses are temporary…
thanks katie cook wherever you are!


i didn’t want 2009 to end

because of unfinished remains.
i didn’t want 2010 to begin
because it would be a pending start.

this morning, i saw both
the sun rise
the moon set.

it made it all okay
to say hello-goodbye.

Books in 2009

At the end of 2008, I was watching a show on CNN where they mentioned the number of books George W. Bush had read in one year. I was taken aback because he had read 51 books in 2007 and 40 in 2008. So, I took up the challenge, I wanted to read as many books I could in one year. If the president of United States had that much time to read books… that too the president called Bush, why not me? Hence, I’ve had the “Books Read in 2009” column in my blog this past year. My reading list included;

1. “ Shantaram -Gregory David Roberts
2. “Naga Identities -Michael Oppitz, Thomas Kaiser, Alban Von Stockhausen
3. Love Story -Erich Segal
4. The God of Small Things -Arundhati Roy
5. “Love and Marriage -Bill Cosby
6. Unaccustomed Earth -Jhumpa Lahiri
7. A Treasury of Bangla Stories -Mridulanath Chakraborty, Dr. Rani Ray
8. Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul -Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanses, Bud Gardner
9. Writing on the Wall: Reflections on the Northeast -Sanjoy Hazarika
10. Muna Madan -(Laxmi Prasad Devkota) A.M. Syangden (translator)
11. “Where Shall we go This Summer? -Anita Desai
We Indians -Kushwant Singh
13. Keep off the Grass -Karan Bajaj
14. The Fifth Mountain -Paulo Coelho
15. Heidi -Johanna Spyri
16. The Reluctant Fundamentalist -Mohsin Hamid
17. Lepcha Folklore and Folksongs -Lyangsong Tamsang
18. Lepchas and their Heritage -Tapan Chattopadhyay
19. Between Sikkim and Bhutan -Indira Awasty
20. Himalayan Lepchas -RN Thakur
21. Sahebs and a Collection of Tales about Sikkim & Nepal Himalayas
22. The Lepchas of West Bengal -Amal Kumar Das
23. A Study of the Scottish Mission Work in Kalimpong -Paul Lepcha
24. Shedding some light on the History, Language and Literature of the Lepchas -RK Sprigg
25. Impact of Christianity on the Animistic culture of the Adi Tribe -Osik Pertin
26. Lepcha, My Vanishing Tribe -Arthur Foning
27. Who will cry when I die? -Robin Sharma
28. The Lepchas: Culture & Religion of a Himalayan People -Halfdan Siiger
29. Don’t ask any old bloke for directions: A Biker’s Whimsical Journey across India -PG Tenzin
30. Spiritual Anthropology -KN Sahay
31. Wise & Otherwise- Sudha Murty
32. A Train to Pakistan -Kushwant Singh
33. Code Name God -Mani Bhaumik
34. Love in the time of Cholera -Gabriel Garcia Marquez
35. Etoa Munda Won The Battle – Mahasweta Devi
36. Flight and Adaptation: Tibetan Refugees in the Darjeeling-Sikkim Himalaya -TB Subba
37. Culture and Religion: A Conceptual Study -Bahsil Pohlong
38. The Shadow Lines -Amitav Ghosh
39. Midst Himalayan Mountains -RJ Minney
40. 2 States -Chetan Bhagat
41. The End of India -Kushwant Singh
42. Right Fit Wrong Shoe –Varsha Dixit
43. Gorkhas Imagined -Prem Poddar, Anmol Prasad
44. The Last Dragon Dance -Kwai-Yun Li
45. The Dark Room -RK Narayan
46. The Company of Women -Kushwant Singh
47. Anything for you, ma’am -Tushar Raheja
48. Simple Things Make Luv -Komal Thakur
49. Tilled Earth -Manjushree Thapa
50. Sumthing of a Mocktale -Soma Das
51. A Romance with Chaos -Nishant Kaushik

I missed averaging one book per week by one book that I am now reading into 2010. But at least I have now read the same number of books as Bush read in 2007. The challenge is not just to beat Bush’s record. But to keep myself disciplined in reading books and more books.

One new genre I picked up in 2009 is the IIT/MBA love stories and thoroughly enjoy them. I would thus like to congratulate all the young Indian authors for getting their love stories published:)

I hope to continue reading the love stories, the war episodes, the autobiographies, the ethnographies and many more. If anyone has a book recommendation for me, then tell me.