2 in 1

Today was two occasions to celebrate.
Chongay for last day of nambun celebrations, and Christmas Eve.
Here’s wishing everyone a Great New Year -Year of the Tiger and a very Merry Christmas!

Above shot is from Mane Gumba this afternoon.

Gaeboo Achyok 278th Birth Anniversary

Today was the 278th birth anniversary of Pano Gaeboo Achyok, a brave Lepcha warrior who defended his bastion and revolted against the invaders and oppressors of the 17th century. He was believed to be an excellent general who fought and sacrificed his life for the “Lepcha civilization.” He is fondly remembered on December 20th of every year and is commemorated for his contribution to Lepcha society.
Today he has become a symbol of hope and unity as the birth anniversary celebration of Pano Gaebo Achyok brings together the Lepcha community who are fast becoming a micro-minority in their land of origin. There is a hope that the Gaeboo Achyok celebrations continue to arouse the forgotten nationalism from within the community and outside.

Above pics are the young Lepcha generation in their traditional. Aachuley!

people person

When I was in college, I said I was a people person
for the “residence assistant” interview.
I don’t know what I meant when I said that,
but that was me –a people person.

I didn’t get the job,
I became editor of the college newspaper instead.

The Broad Street Journal.

Indian Train

Nothing, I reflected, unites India the way the trains do. People from every part of the country are brought to the same bogey… from every stratum of the society to the same platform.

Never does chaos, the hallmark of our nation, look so picturesque. Never is it more colourful. Never does noise, a blend of the train’s snort, the engine’s whistle, the chai-walah’s rattle, the vendor’s cry, the traveller’s murmur, bring such brightness to the heart.


To understand what India is, I reflected, one must travel in a train. The window in a train is not an ordinary window; it is a window to the richness and diversity of India. How vegetation, terrain, people change effortless as one passes through the country in a train is an amazing spectacle. Nohing provides a more complete paranoma of India as the window of a train does.

-Tushar Raheja in Anything for you, ma’am

love and ethnicity

i asked a friend why she broke up with her boyfriend.
“umm… ethnic problem!” she responded.
i let a big laugh out loud.
as she added, “just kiddin'”
i didn’t want to laugh anymore.
because despite the “just kiddin'”
i knew there was truth in “ethnic problem”

i then wonder who the winner is

love and ethnicity.

Rock 4 Life 2009

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, Shillong hosted its first Rock4Life concert with eight Northeast bands…
The bands included Soulmate (Meghalaya), Digital Suicide (Assam), Scavenger Project (Mizoram), Recycle (Manipur), Alive (Sikkim), Native Rising (Nagaland), Horjwlai (Tripura), and Alien Gods (Arunachal Pradesh).
It was good times.
Concerts in Shillong are the best and this one did not disappoint us either.
The bands were rocking and the crowds were rolling…
It’s gonna be a good December! ( I can feel it)