chop chop

This tree is still alive and strong.
But a firewood
collector decided to chop a bit here and a bit there; unfortuantely it was from the bottom. I find this very disturbing and lacking common sense. But then, how do I make her understand? She needs her fire. It is cold in Shillong.

creep on in

there’s a big ol’ hole
goes right through the sole
of this old shoe,
and the water on the ground
ain’t got no place else its found
so it’s only got one thing left to do

Creep on in
Creep on in…

-Norah Jones

urban hypocrite

We don’t live with nature anymore, we exploit, rearrange, and even suppress it and then fool ourselves into believing that we lead normal lives…”

-Pema Wangchuk in Walking with the Dokpas