hidden talent(s)

I can bribe the TT and get an AC seat even when I am # 63 on the waiting list in Kanchenjunga Express.
But I guess I can also sleep away when somebody opens my bag and steals away my fone.
Nonethess, I love the Indian Railways…

Indian mind.

All the convergent influences of the world run through this society: Hindu, Moslem, Christian, secular; Stalinist, liberal, Maoist, democratic socialist, Gandhian.
There is not a thought that is being thought in the West or East that is not active in some Indian mind.

Shashi Tharoor in India: From Midnight to the Millennium

happiest in neutral

But even at those times, when he was the centre of everybody’s attention, there was always something a little detached about his manner. He did not seem to want to make friends with the people he was talking to, and that perhaps was why he was happiest in neutral, impersonal places–coffee houses, bars, street-corner addas–the sort of place where people come, talk and go away without expecting to know each other any further.

Amitav Ghosh in The Shadow Lines