traat prat

traat prat
ignore once
praat traaat traaaat
unattended attention
ignore twice
the volume
is overpowering
it just cannot be ignored
i am the guilty one
for my attentive ears.
(fellow train passengers should be considerate of noises emitted from their system!)

India n Tagore

India has two aspects —
in one she is the householder, in the other a wandering ascetic.
The former refuses to budge from the cosy nook,
the latter has no home at all.

I find both of these within me.
I want to roam about and see all the wide world,
yet I also yearn for a little sheltered nook,
like a bird with its tiny nest for dwelling
and the vast sky for flight.

at the hostel

Full of energy
he plays all day
and sings out loud.

Full of ideas
he shares witty riddles
and builds own toys.

During study hours,
he pretends to read
he pretends to write;

When in reality,
he cannot read
he cannot write.

During dinner time,
he is absent from the table
and is not served yet
he is waiting for his turn
and eats after other kids are done.

It is then crudely identified,
he is but a mere cook’s child.