Bangkok Sunrise

Waking up on the western front is not an exciting thing for an early riser and that is what I have been doing since I have been here.
But this morning, I was a happy girl because my room window faced the eastern front that made me witness this beautiful sunrise and I rushed outside to go catch it:))

silver moon fish

it wasn’t the sunrise that made me smile this morning,
it wasn’t the chirpy birds either.
it was but the silver crescent of the setting moon,
it was the flying silver fishes swimming alongside me.
i was in awe
-a child-like wonder…
as the clear water sans the ocean waves
let me frolic and float.

different deaths

at his death
in the valley,
there were hundreds to mourn.

at his death
on the road,
there was no one to mourn.

death had come
for them both
yet the difference!

only because…
he was a man.
he was a dog.