i heard a laughter in my dream last night
it was that of my friend from first grade
i even remembered her name.

i have not seen her
i have not spoken to her
for almost a decade.

yet, it brought back images
of her light brown hair
and her pointy butt end.

i don’t know where she is
i don’t know who she is

but it was a beautiful reminder
when a “friend” has lost its definition
from that of the yesteryears…

it is these dreams
it is these memories
letting you know
the friend is not forgotten.

Escort Travelling

…at the border areas where strikes are rampant, the only kind of “safe traveling” is done when you sit on the back of a pick-up truck with five policemen armed with two guns, five helmets and plastic shields (in case they get hurled by stones…:)
yes, i sat opposite this young security personnel as two of his cadres can be seen standing as if they were on the look-out?
fortunately-unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.
there just weren’t enough seats in the vehicle.