Before I left Shillong, I was gifted this book called “Recapture the Wonder” by Ravi Zacharias. The review in the cover reads, this powerful book offers the right medicine for anyone who may be disillusioned with life.

Since, I had just ended a different chapter of my life; I perhaps qualified alongside many others who may be disillusioned with life. The anxieties of what next, where next are quite obvious and this time was no different. The only solace was the fact that I was back on the road which was actually very comforting…

Nevertheless, I started reading this book and the author had laid it out in perfect sentences,

it is that possession of the mind that enchants

…it sees in the ordinary the extraordinary, and it finds in the extraordinary the reaffirmations for what it already knows.

it is blending reality with a sacred imagination.

But an encounter with a two-year-old boy actually taught me the real meaning of wonder.

This little boy had come from a village to an almost metropolitan town.

He waved at the helicopters that flew above us. He delighted at the fizz that was created in his mouth when I poured some coke in his glass. He enjoyed the bicycle ride with his father as he proudly smiled at us.

And when the bicycle went past us, it was the look in the little boy’s face that spoke about wonder. It was there and then I decided to stop reading the book and delve in the kind of wonder the little boy had just taught me…