1st sunrise at "The Remembered Village"

On January 4th we arrived at Kodagali, a village in Mysore district that was studied by Prof. M.N. Srinivas, a renowned Indian anthropologist in 1948 under the pseudo name, Rampura. In all his lectures and papers, he never disclosed the real name of the village. But in the last two years or so, it has been found out that Kodagali, located an hour from Mysore city was indeed Rampura.
And after a three-day journey on the train bound South, we had arrived at the village. Tired and exhausted, we didn’t even know how we spent the first night. But as we woke up in the morning, all weariness seemed to disappear (atleast for the time being) when our attention was focused towards east; to witness one of the most beautiful sunrises for the new year… (welcoming our stay in the village?)


rest was much needed
the past 24-hour lazed lifestyle has been wonderful
(although i did wash clothes for almost 4-hours this morning)
in siliguri today!
i hope to fill in on stories and pictures of January 2008 after I reach a place with regular internet access.