Christmas Shot!

While in Kathmandu, I attend Gyaneshwor Church (I practically grew up here… Sunday School, Teenage Youth Fellowship… n the list should probably go on but life took a detour. I never became a full-fledged youth member and now I am old!)
But this Christmas I was back here and caught-up with a new tradition of flying balloons for christmas (we never had balloons at church for christmas when we were young). But they have these hot-air balloons tied together with a christmas-greeting banner let loose by the pastor and the elders. Then the rest of the members also have balloons on a string with a message attached and everybody lets it loose, everybody shouts, everybody claps and everybody seems happy.

Colorful balloons against the blue sky was quite a spectacle.
Everybody had their eyes heavenward.

The bright sun was no barrier…
Sunglassed faces, digital lenses, camera-phones and naked eyes
all sought to capture the sight…
(including the young photographer and his yashica)