importance of india-pakistan cricket…

It was a little after eight this morning when I caught a cab and made way to Beat House, Laitumkrah. The cab ride is a shared system as people wave and drivers pick passengers along the way.
By the time we got to Police Point, Laitumkrah; the cops were motioning to stop the vehicle. It’s early morning and perhaps it’s some sort of random checking for Diwali, I thought…
But noooo… the three men in uniform just wanted to know who won the India – Pakistan match last night. Taking cue, the driver turned his engine off and chit-chatted for a bit. Blamed Afridi for the winning shots and expressed his dissatisfaction before he realized that there were two passengers in the cab who needed to reach elsewhere… so, the engines were turned back on and the ride procedded before I got off at Beat House and the next guy traveled further.

(In case it’s not clear yet, Pakistan won the match. A disheartening gift for Indians during Diwali).


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