evening scene

I like evenings…
even when the sunset is absent.
there seems to be a certain air of solitude…
something peaceful
about quiet-tired souls returning home
retreating to their space of reclusion
departing an exhaustive day
seeking the stillness…
(Below is a scene from last evening at Ward’s Lake).

all before the town lights up
for the night invasion…

Footballer and Filmmaker

If you haven’t heard,
Dawa is the filmmaker &
Tenzing is a footballer (played for Sikkim United).
They are both very talented young men who don’t deserve to be in bed, ignored and unheard as Ryle’s Tube is shoved down their nostrils to feed their starving bodies.
Before bidding them goodbye, we suggested that they get up from bed no.1 and no.2 and start playing football and making films…
We feel that if any change is to happen, if anyone can stop the project, it is these TWO.

They are Dzongu natives who know what is up and what is to come as the project creeps in.
It is a sincere hope that they start eating, regain their health and transform the world.
They are heroes without doubt but we need healthy heroes who will tell why the felled tree is important and why your ancestor’s land just cannot be bought with mere rupees…

From left: Lovanna, Tenzing, C, Dawa

Gangtok view from Development Area

Postcard Greetings!

Posing for a postcard picture at the suspension bridge en route to Tingvong village, Upper Dzongu, North Sikkim on August 1, 2k7.

Homeland bound Rongmits have been awakened…
Indeed, it was a heck of an eye-opener.
Will update more on the sights, smells, sounds… although it will just be an abstraction of “the truth”.